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Metallic starlings — Glittering Jetsetters

Starling family nesting in Quandong tree
31st March, 2019

Our rainforest fauna comes in all shapes and sizes –and this particular Daintree Blog is about a jetsetting mob of animals who live half of the year overseas, then fly […]

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Daintree’s Dinosaur. The cassowary.

Dads rare young, sometimes a female helps
3rd March, 2019

Prefer to listen? Podcast available click here. And here you are, on your journey of a life time travelling through the Daintree tropical rainforest section of the Great Barrier Reef […]

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Boofy frog choir in the Daintree

Northern barred frog is one of the Daintree's burrowing frogs
26th February, 2019

Prefer to listen? Podcast available – here. We heard it again just the other night. Starting distantly, almost imperceptibly, with a steady build-up outside that slowly invaded our space, until […]

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DAINTREECAM Art. Living and loving our 10 natural beaches

14th February, 2019

Prefer to listen. Click here for Podcast. Life’s a beach here in the Daintree. Actually, we have ten (yes 10!) beaches between the Daintree and Bloomfield Rivers, but who’s counting? […]

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Phantastic Phantom Phasmid in Daintree RainPhorest

Mating peppermint stick
12th December, 2018

Peppermint stick insects Here is a very unusual stick insect, a phantastic phasmid, in fact. Phasmid means phantom or ghost. and Phasmid is the name given to the family of […]

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Heat before the storm

king fern daintree
12th December, 2018

Prepared 6 December 2018, just before a few days rain, totalling 405 mm. The Great Rainmaker, Thorntons Peak, has been letting us down lately. Firstly, the July rockslide, then a […]

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Stranglers and other strange figs

6th November, 2018

Who gives a fig? Well, dried figs make lovely presents in some cultures, and most of our Daintree species are edible, yet small and more suited to jam-making. Some are […]

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Dive-bombing rainbow bee-eaters after Woobadda damsels

Rainbow bee eater
30th June, 2018

Zorro, eat your heart out! The bandit-like bold black band linking the bill to the back of the head through its eye seems to be a disguise, but it’s also […]

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Bloomfield River. The best croc spotting around.

19th May, 2013

The Bloomfield is considered the best croc-spotting river drive in the Cairns Region. Why? Because most local rivers have bridge crossings, without a river drive. The Bloomfield River is unique […]

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