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Metallic starlings — Glittering Jetsetters

Starling family nesting in Quandong tree
31st March, 2019

Our Daintree Rainforest fauna comes in all shapes and sizes –and this particular Daintree Blog is about a jetsetting mob of animals who live half of the year overseas, then […]

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Daintree’s Dinosaur. The cassowary.

Dads rare young, sometimes a female helps
3rd March, 2019

Prefer to listen? Podcast available click here. And here you are, on your journey of a life time travelling through the Daintree tropical rainforest section of the Great Barrier Reef […]

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Boofy frog choir in the Daintree

Northern barred frog is one of the Daintree's burrowing frogs
26th February, 2019

Prefer to listen? Podcast available – here. We heard it again just the other night. Starting distantly, almost imperceptibly, with a steady build-up outside that slowly invaded our space, until […]

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DAINTREECAM Art. Living and loving our 10 natural beaches

14th February, 2019

Prefer to listen. Click here for Podcast. Life’s a beach here in the Daintree. Actually, we have ten (yes 10!) beaches between the Daintree and Bloomfield Rivers, but who’s counting? […]

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Phantastic Phantom Phasmid in Daintree RainPhorest

Mating peppermint stick
12th December, 2018

You never know who you’ll find when you explore the Daintree Rainforest.  Hidden among the greenery could be lurking green ghosts! Please, come and meet this very unusual stick insect, […]

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Heat before the storm

king fern daintree
12th December, 2018

Prepared 6 December 2018, just before a few days rain, totalling 405 mm. The Great Rainmaker, Thorntons Peak, has been letting us down lately. Firstly, the July rockslide, then a […]

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Stranglers and other strange figs

6th November, 2018

Who gives a fig? Well, dried figs make lovely presents in some cultures, and most of our Daintree species are edible, yet small and more suited to jam-making. Some are […]

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Dive-bombing rainbow bee-eaters after Woobadda damsels

Rainbow bee eater
30th June, 2018

Zorro, eat your heart out! The bandit-like bold black band linking the bill to the back of the head through its eye seems to be a disguise, but it’s also […]

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Bloomfield River. The best croc spotting around.

19th May, 2013

The Bloomfield is considered the best croc-spotting river drive in the Cairns Region. Why? Because most local rivers have bridge crossings, without a river drive. The Bloomfield River is unique […]

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