Daintree Private Tours

Cape Tribulation – Bloomfield Track – Cooktown

Paradise is the Daintree Coast where the rainforest creates surreal backgrounds to secluded coral fringed beaches. It’s where the creeks run crystal clear in one of the world’s most diverse and unique natural habitats — the Wet Tropics of Queensland.

For an exclusive and special experience with Mike (the D’Arcy of Daintree) is available for private tours.

Half day, full day and Cooktown private tours are available to book online. Please contact us if the date you are looking for is not listed.

The half day private tour is usually based around our Wujal Wujal standard tour, adding a couple of extra stops and more time, especially to allow an unhurried swim in a rainforest creek or a leisurely short walk. It maximises sightseeing and rainforest interpretation.

For a longer tour, a private full day tour allows for a deep and slower look into the rainforest and beaches. Mike adds an intrepretive boardwalk (usually Marrdja, a diverse and complex system) plus a few extra secluded sites. This tour is planned to show a wide range of rainforest habitats and further exploring the Bloomfield River area.

To get up to Cooktown you’ll need extra time – it’s an extended full day tour. The first part of the journey is through rainforest as in the half day tour. Cooktown itself is outside the forest, showing a different Cape York landscape. It is a lovely, historic fishing village and old gold mining port with fascinating waterbirds and waterlilies at Keatings Lagoon, and the historic James Cook Museum. Archer Point can also be included with its great views from the old light house (it may require skipping the visit to the James Cook Museum).

Our tours are currently suspended as our area is temporarily closed to visitors 
due to COVID 19
 Feel free to send us an enquiry if we can help with your advanced holiday planning